Chattanooga is known for its sustainable initiatives, especially in LEED-certified new construction and renovation in the downtown area.

Below are just a few of the initiatives currently in place.

Creative Discovery Museum Green Roof

This is the largest Green Roof in the city, made up of 3,000 sq ft of small trees, plants, & pansies. Benefits include a reduction of indoor sound and extension of the existing roof life. The plants and soil protect the roof from U.V. radiation, thermal contraction and expansion from temperature extremes, and reduce damage from winds. The green roof also reduces the cooling expenses during summer and limits storm water runoff by up to 90%. "The green roof will not only provide environmental benefits to the Museum and the community, it will also be viewed by thousands of children and families every year who will learn the many ways that a green roof can help create a healthier planet," says Executive Director, Henry Schulson.


Since 2007, green|spaces has been helping advance the sustainability of living, working and building in Downtown Chattanooga and throughout the region. Their programs have helped Chattanooga claim the highest percentage of LEED-certified square feet per capita in the state of Tennessee. In addition to their resource center on Main St, green|spaces' green|light program helps local businesses improve the sustainability of their daily routines and save money in the process, their NextGen Homes are a demonstration development of net zero energy residential construction in the Northshore neighborhood and with Empower Chattanooga they are educating low-income neighborhoods about no-cost and low-cost ways of lowering their electric bills.

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Solar arrays at Finley Stadium

Eleven solar arrays have been constructed as canopy structure over the parking lot of the south side of Finley Stadium to generate electricity for the EPB’s electric system as well as TVA’s power grid. The arrays have 140-240 photovoltic modules, for a total of 2,260 modules that can generate up to 77.3 kilowatts of alternating current and produce 127,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year.

Majestic Theatre

The Majestic is the first Gold LEED certified theater in the country, adhering to the greenest building standards, requiring use of recycled materials in construction & environmentally friendly amenities to reduce energy consumption. Rain water caught on the roof is used to flush toilets and water landscaping. The Majestic Theater features 12 screens, 2,500 seats, DLP digital projection & QSC prime digital sound and three screens with 3D capabilities. It is expected to host between 375,000 and 400,000 customers annually. Carmike President and CEO David Passman, stated, “Carmike is extremely excited about bringing the first-ever ‘green’ entertainment complex to the people of Chattanooga and the surrounding communities, and we know they will also love the first-run Hollywood entertainment, including 3D features and digital alternative content, such as live sporting events, opera and independents films.”